As a version control system for designers Plant was built around private interaction and problem solving within product teams. Having control over design and communication, understanding by whom, when and why this or that decision was made, product teams achieve greater efficiency by launching products faster, saving time and making the business to be more effective.

In recent years, the design process has ceased to be something sacred and belongs only to designers. The tasks solved by the teams are becoming more complicated, and an increasing number of specialists are involved in the process. It is often necessary to involve developers at an early stage of design development to confirm the feasibility of the proposed design,  demonstrate work to project stakeholders and share ready-made assets.

Realizing the importance of this problem, we’ve added the ability to share projects with anyone publicly or with a private link for your personal and team accounts.

What are Public Pages?

Public pages are separate from your internal account, and are available to everyone when enabled. You can share your current Plant projects to your public page, but the internal process of work and version history will remain behind the scenes.

Here is how public pages look like with shared files.

Share with anyone

You can add your files to your public pages to share them with everyone who is not registered on Plant.

Share with purpose

By controlling the permissions to download a public project file, you can control its distribution.

The version of the project on public pages may differ from the one you are currently working on and if you wish to, you can update your already published project to the latest version.

Share privately

If you worry about privacy and have strict security rules, it is possible to provide access to the project via a private link without showing projects on your public page.

Seeing the difficulties in bringing design teams and stakeholders closer together, we want to give more opportunities to eliminate any friction when sharing work. Public sharing abilities are our first step in this direction and we will soon present a solution that will remove all obstacles to this convergence.

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