In this new Plant update we focused on improving overall performance and expanding functionality to bring designers and developers closer together.

Performance Improvements

Over the past few months we’ve improved Plant to achieve amazing performance results:

— 2x faster send times

— 3x faster load times

We conducted the initial tests of a possible increase in Plant’s performance. For this, we‘ve test with two design files.

— The first file: 500 artboards, it lacks symbols and nested symbols, but includes a large amount of images.

— The second file: 500 artboards, it is completely built on symbols and nested symbols and there no images.

New Plant version speed test

We believe that these new changes will imporve your workflow with Plant and increase your productivity.

Developer Handoff

The new Developer Handoff update, will remove friction, save time and connect the gap between design and development directly in Plant.
— Plant will automatically generate precise design specs and code snippets for each artboard.
— Always available for all artboard versions.
— Seamless collaboration between designers and developers with inline comments.

Download latest update.

New to Plant?

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