Product design comes in many stages, and different software tools come in handy at each of these stages. In this article, we have tried to highlight some of these must-have tools for product designers.


A few years ago, most product designers might have chosen Sketch as the preferred tool for product design. However, with some of the new features of Figma, the software is rapidly becoming a major competition in the area.

But there are still many designers who use Sketch, so you might want to check out reviews on both software to find which works best for you.

Adobe Illustrator/Affinity Designer

Various software come in handy when it comes to illustration in product design. Most designers who enjoy the ecosystem often choose the Adobe Illustrator. However, if you’re looking to try out something new, then you might want to check out Affinity Designer.


IconJar is another must-have software for product designers. With IconJar, you can conveniently organize and group your icon sets. You can also easily export icons to any other design software you choose.

Field Notes

Sketching an idea requires that you have some freedom to express and easiness in use. This is what this software offers. With Field Notes, you don’t feel like you’re messing up anything with your sketches.

Animator by Haiku/Adobe After Effects

Animations are also essential tools in product design. You can create simple animations with intuitive timeline views to use as video or GIF files. Designers that prefer Adobe products often choose After Effects in this regard. However, if you are looking for another option, then you might want to try out Animator by Haiku.


In product design, meeting the accessibility guidelines is essential. This is why you need to pay enough attention to contrast. However, this Mac app informs you when you have good enough contrast in your design.

All you need to do is to click the eyedropper and select the color on your design and select the item whose color you’d like to compare for contrast with the second dropper. Once both colors are selected, you would see the rating based on Web Content and Accessibility Guidelines.

Pixel Snap 2

With Pixel Snap 2, you can conveniently measure the distance between two objects, whether the objects are in your design or on a random webpage.


Slack is a popular app for communication for corporate teams. If you belong to a team that mostly works remotely, then slack is an amazing software to make communication more seamless. Slack allows you to create private channels for the team and separate channels for your clients.


There are several apps in use when it comes to prototyping in product design. However, Protopie and Principle are currently some of the biggest prototyping software in the market, although a number of users prefer Protopie due to the fact that it offers specific controls and logic.


If you are the type that usually has information about the project you’re working on scattered around different apps on your PC, then this is the app for you. Notion helps serve as a central hub for all the information on the project you’re working on.


If you work remotely, then you should try to take the security of your device seriously. If you tend to use a lot of public networks, NordVPN helps ensure that your connection is private, so you don’t have anything to worry about wherever you work.


Webflow is on software that has enjoyed a lot of positive reviews among web designers. With the app, you can do a lot of design and development for a website without writing any code. This makes the tool very handy for product designers. The software has a powerful CMS tool that allows you to optimize all the features of your website in line with your overall goals.


In a time when there are millions of fonts out there, finding a suitable font management software might not be a bad idea after all. The software has a simple interface, Google font integration, and an auto-activation feature for most other popular design tools.

RightFont just helps make the whole process of font selection and management much easier for you as a designer.


If you do any form of writing at all in the course of your work as a product designer, Grammarly is a must-have software. Grammarly helps check grammar and spelling errors and suggests better alternatives when need be. Another good thing about the software is that you can get a lot of features from the free plan, although it definitely does not compare to what the pro version offers.


Image sizes can sometimes be a major bother in product design. This is what makes ImageOptim a valuable software. You can download bulk image files and compress them using ImageOptim. The software does not need an internet connection before use.


There are several hosting platforms that you can use in product design. It is, however, important to consider the specifications of a client before choosing a hosting platform. There are several hosting platforms online, and Namecheap is a pretty nice one. Their rates are affordable, customer support is good, and their platform is user-friendly.

You can also check other hosting platforms based or user reviews.

WP Engine

If you are looking to use WordPress hosting, then WP Engine is an amazing choice for you to consider. They manage the server effectively and offer round-the-clock support. Although there might be cheaper alternatives, the software does offer good value for money.


Plant is another holistic software tool for product designers. The software is designed to help organize and version sketch files, keep track of design updates, and help you maximize your productivity as a product designer. Plant allows you to invite other designers to a project, resolve design conflicts easily, and even offers a secure means to transmit information.

These features are why Plant is a must-have for product designers.

In conclusion, several software tools can go a long way in making your work easy as a product designer. Several of this software now offer easier ways to do things that used to be difficult to achieve. You can check out these software tools to make your workflow smooth and seamless.